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Larry Evans (Rex Lease), champion race car driver, is envied by his chief rival, Eddie DeSylva (Duncan Renaldo), who has more ambitions than merely winning the races; he has designs on the motor patent held by Corbett (Tom Moore), Larry's employer. Eddie also has a yen for Corbett's daughter, Norma (Muriel Evans), who prefers Larry. Eddie intentionally causes a race wreck that injures Larry and sends him to the hospital. Larry emerges from the hospital and finds his morale and courage has been broken when he falters while chasing some DeSylva henchmen who have robbed Corbett of some blueprints. But he regains his nerve and courage at the race track when he realizes that the driver hired to replace him, Barney Smith (Yakima Canutt), is working for DeSylva with intentions of throwing the race.
Just okay story of a race driver who loses his nerve after a big crash. He has to find a way to race again when he discovers that his bitter rival has taken steps to assure that he will win the the big race.<br/><br/>Okay race drama is very clichéd and by the numbers. Its the sort of film that you can pretty much fill in the blanks with. There&#39;s a great deal of talk and even more of romance which is okay, but you&#39;d think a race film would be peppier. The joy here is the old cars. As a race fan it was neat to see the old cars in action running around the track however briefly. The cars are not worth seeing by themselves but if you do end up seeing this you&#39;ll at least have something with out clichés to hold your attention.
Rex Lease plays a very talented but amazingly cocky race car driver. He&#39;s so cocky that when he meets the racing team&#39;s owner&#39;s daughter, he&#39;s soon telling everybody that he&#39;s going to marry her–though he barely knows the lady. Not surprisingly, she tells him to take a hike. However, soon after this he has a crack-up on the track and loses his nerve. Soon, he&#39;s wandering about out of work…afraid to take the wheel once again. However, later, when he learns that they are going to throw the big race, Larry once again finds his courage.<br/><br/>&quot;Ten Laps to Go&quot; has B-movie written all over it. Low production values, the extensive use of old clips of races and relatively unknown actors. It also has a lot of clichés and is rather predictable. Not a terrible film–just not a very good one and a film that, surprisingly, has few thrills despite being about racing.

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